Garten mit Sau

Our team

In order to be able to offer you the best possible experience and holiday inspiration, seasoned with cordiality and a healthy sense of humour, our teams each consist of one long-standing employee in a managerial position, supported by a team of apprentices and other employees. We see ourselves expressly as a training company, with all our strengths and weaknesses: there will always be a fresh breeze blowing through the house when new faces and committed young people come to us. We will certainly never freeze in perfectionism, but instead live a lively error culture with a lot of humanity, which always gives us charming stories and anecdotes.

Andrew Griess
has been around the house for 40 years, was born and grew up here. As a refreshing focal point, this young entrepreneur is likely to be the first phone or email you get when you contact us.

Monica Humann
manages alongside your boss Andreas Griess
the fate of the reception and takes care of it reliably
to make your dream vacation come true

John Gourlay
Originally from Scotland, he has chosen our Rheinischer Hof as his adopted home for almost 40 years.

Kerstin Colacicco
She is, so to speak, the "little boss": while you go on discovery tours, she and her housekeeping team always ensure that the rooms are clean - carefully and quickly.

These supporting pillars are supported by our team of
hard-working trainees and committed employees.

The business is managed by the Griess family. Already in the third generation, the dream job of a hotelier is being realized here and lived every day:
You can recognize this from the relaxed professionalism – combined with humor and cordiality!

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