Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency

By the end of 2012 we will have renovated the entire "Rheinischer Hof" for the benefit of the environment, our Earth, and especially for you!

We stand for a more efficient use of resources like water, heat, fossil fuels, electricity and food.
What we are doing:  We have installed aerators that consume less water at faucets, in showers and toilets. The entire house is now insulated and, in combination with our triple-glazed windows, it is protected from the cold of winters and from the predictably increasing heat of future summers.  By installing the latest heating technology, coupled with a solar thermal power on the roof, our oil consumption has been reduced by 40%.  Energy saving lightbulbs and tuned relays also minimize power consumption during peak times without losing the comfortable ambience of the house. We have also renovated our rooms with the assistance of “Schreinerei Krach” - traditional or alpine - with furniture made of native timber and also do not forget about latest technology.  Food is a valuable asset. We avoid spoilage or waste by portioning dishes to your liking.

Our goal: We take our responsibility for our planet seriously while providing you with the best quality and ensuring a positive price development.

The air pollution in the climatic health resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen is increasingly influenced by traffic. Let us additionally improve air quality by advocating the usage of electric vehicles such as the new E-Mini or electricity-assisted bicycles. If you take short trips to the local environment with a rental car or an e-bike, you will contribute to the preservation of the natural beauty of the resort and are sure to have a lot of fun!