Below you get more information on our room categories. All rooms have the same standard equipment: balcony, bathroom with shower/WC, radio-clock, television, DVD player etc. They vary, however, in size. They are moreover located in two separate houses: the main building and the apartment house “Haus Windrose”. The “smarti” rooms and the “mezzo” rooms are in the main building, the “maxi” rooms can be found in both buildings (they have different furnishing styles) and the “jumbo” rooms are mostly located in “Haus Windrose”. Our apartment house is located just opposite the main building.  In order to view our houses, please have a look on the picture “Exterior view” on the page “360° Panoramic pictures”.



We haven’t indicated the room prices, since the rates vary according to the season/occupancy level. If you want to know the room rates for a given period, please, enter simply your dates on the top right hand side (online reservation) and click on the button “Instant reservation”. On the following page all rates of the available room categories will be indicated.

Smarti room

The balcony of our Smarti rooms face mostly east, i.e. the sun will get up with you! The size is suitable for a few days stay, also  ...

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Mezzo room

Our Mezzo rooms are the standard rooms of our house. Here, you can also enjoy a longer stay in Garmisch, even with two persons. Since the balcony is mostly to the south, you will have the sun ...

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Maxi room

Our Maxi rooms all have a pull-out couch, with which you have the possibility to sleep up to 4 persons. This couch has a slatted frame and is app. 1.40 m broad, so pretty similar to a french bed. ...

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