Our surplus of security

For your and our safety, air purification devices (MCLUM - UVACP 6-50 / 5) have been installed in the past few weeks at the reception and in the restaurant.

They clean the room air and treat it antivirally and antibacterially with the help of a combination of Hepafilter, activated carbon filter and UVACP radiation.
Viruses and bacteria are neutralized in the continuously filtered room air - with an effect of 99% for Sars-Cov-2 viruses.

Welcome back! Important FAQs (as of Nov 14th, 2021) - 2G!

Dear Guest,

it's a pleasure to be able to welcome you here. As you have probably already learned in the media, some restrictions are to be expected during your stay. We would like to answer some of your questions in advance.

Under which circumstances am I not allowed to arrive?

We are not allowed to receive guests who are sick or who have had contact with people who can be proven to be infected with Covid19 in the last 14 days. Hay fever patients must provide a medical certificate.

If you develop symptoms of any kind during your stay, you must isolate yourself in the room immediately and discuss the next steps with us. We will then organize a PCR test in consultation with the health department and plan your safe journey home.

This also applies to all accompanying children of all ages!

From November 16, 2021, the 2G rule will also apply to your stay at a hotel!
This means that we are then only allowed to accept guests who have been vaccinated or have fully recovered. A PCR test is NO longer sufficient!
This rule applies to all travelers from their 12th birthday.

Fully vaccinated means:
from the 15th day after the 2nd vaccination, with a vaccine approved in the EU, proof must be issued in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish

Fully recovered means:
Covid19 disease within the last 6 months, at least 4 weeks completely recovered.
If the illness was more than 6 months ago, a first vaccination must also have been given

In both cases we have to get your identity card and a medical certificate or vaccination certificate from you as proof.

Do I also have to show a negative corona test?
At the moment this is NOT mandatory.
However, we would be very grateful if you voluntarily do a test before arrival ;) This contributes to your and our safety.

When and where do I have to wear a FFP2 mask?

As a guest, you have to wear a FFP2 mask in all communal areas (including outside) except at the table itself and in your room.

If you have a certificate for exemption from the mask requirement, we unfortunately cannot accommodate you or only after consultation BEFORE booking! The protection of our employees and guests is very important to us, which is why we have to make use of our house rights in this case!

Children up to their 6th birthday are exempt from this obligation, but we still recommend wearing a mouth and nose covering. Children from the 6th to the 15th birthday can alternatively wear a cloth or medical mask. Scarves, shawls, etc. are NOT permitted. 

Which hygiene rules apply to me?

The usual hygiene rules apply, such as thorough hand washing and the social distancing rules on walkways and in the toilet area. Please also note the sneeze and cough rulesl.

As far as possible, for your own safety, we ask you to use the toilets and showers in your room during your stay.

Which contact restrictions do apply?

There is no need to keep a distance at the table itself if you are sitting at a table with people who do not fall under the general contact restrictions. You must keep your distance on the walkways and in the toilet area. The tables were set up at a sufficient distance and/or we have put in place appropriate protective devices like partition walls.

Can I really rely on hygiene in the hotel?

Rest assured that the hotel has high hygiene standards and that we, as hosts, do everything for your safety so that you can enjoy your vacation with us without any worries.

We have created various cleaning and disinfection concepts, compliance with which is constantly monitored and documented by our department heads.

We have also installed new air filters in the entire restaurant and at the reception, which are also able to kill Sars-Cov-2 viruses.

Daily room cleaning?

For hygienic reasons, can I still get new towels and bed linen every day?

We voluntarily offer you to forego daily room cleaning in order to further minimize the risk of infection for you and our employees.

Of course, you don't have to forego anything here. During washing processes, it is ensured that the specified temperatures are reached in order to ensure safe cleaning of the laundry, and we also adhere to our cleaning and disinfection concepts for cleaning rooms.

You can therefore safely opt for daily cleaning / daily linen change.

What can I expect in the restaurant?

Since we have fewer tables available in the restaurant due to the current distance regulation, there may be waiting times.

We ask for your understanding here. Should we find that there are longer “traffic jams”, we will (in consultation with you) introduce a suitable time / reservation concept.

You have to wait at the entrance every time you visit the restaurant and our service team will accompany you to your freshly cleaned and disinfected table.

You must first register there using the Luca app or list before going to the buffet or ordering drinks / food.

What do I have to pay particular attention to at the breakfast buffet?

You will find our breakfast buffet in the usual way. However, you must disinfect your hands every time you go to the buffet.

Are the pool and saunas open?

Yes! We are allowed to open our outdoor pool (depending on the weather!) And our Fontana for you.

However, in order to keep the minimum distance, we have to limit the number of people. No reservations will be made!

Furthermore, in these areas, as in the restaurant, there is a registration requirement via the Luca app or the reception.