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All began with a misfortune, which, however, could have been worse: towards the end of the Second World War the young Matthias Griess was taken prisoner of war; however, fortunately, by the US army and in one of the most beautiful places of Germany – in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.


Being a genuine native of Cologne, his typical loose tongue of the Rhineland was one of his outstanding features besides being the German youth wrestling champion. So once, according to his character, he defied the commander in chief of that time in an argument. Due to his courage he gained appreciation and was charged with the management of the barrack canteen.

What a stroke of luck for him, given that he was baker and cook by profession.


He liked this place and even more his wife Resi, whom he met in Bavaria and fell in love with. The innovative “Prussian-Bavarian” couple realized and seized the opportunities of the “economic miracle” and started their activities in the gastronomic sector in 1953 with the opening of the “Rheinlandhalle”, a traditional dance hall.


After the end of the war Resi and Matthias realized other projects:

they “completed” the family with the birth of the two sons Franz and Robert and they converted the “Rheinlandhalle” into a traditional inn, which was baptized “Rheinischer Hof”, for this name suited far better the inn with the cosy restaurant and the rooms for holiday guests.


Hard work and perseverance marked the everyday life of the family.

Yet, they were recompensed for the efforts by the appreciation of the guests and by the success.

 The development continued: in 1970 a comfortable extension with 20 guest rooms, a generously arranged restaurant with 100 places and a garden with terrace and swimming-pool could be opened.


Meanwhile, the oldest son, Franz Griess, highly motivated, pursued his professional career as a cook. This turned out to be a chance for the house, since already five years later he was called back home from abroad to take over the business from his parents when his father had died after a long illness.


Thus a new prosperous period started in 1978: Franz succeeded within only two years in making the “Rheinischer Hof” the best hotel-restaurant. And when the “booking error”, called Jutta, a cheerful person from Rhineland, joined him in 1980 they formed a young management couple. For when the young woman fortunately came to the “Rheinischer Hof” due to a booking error, she liked it so much that she immediately decided to stay there. Franz and Jutta extended the hotel to 80 beds and succeeded in making the Hotel “Rheinischer Hof” a renowned house far beyond the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. This was a strong base for further successes.


The family with the two sons, Patrik and Andreas, who studied both, held together and navigated the business through any storm.


According to the motto “Halt means regression” the family had built 15 years later a wellness area with a subtle feeling for forthcoming trends and a strong quality awareness.


Finally, in 2001 it was done: the hotel was awarded “4 star” classification! This was both a promise and an obligation towards the guests as to the quality, which has remained until today the top priority.


And the time goes by! Meanwhile, after 30 years full of commitment, the next descendant of the “clan”, Andreas Griess has taken over the helm.

Young, dynamic, however relying on the experience of the parents, he is introducing well-dosed innovations, in order to keep the tradition of the Hotel “Rheinischer Hof” alive.


He pursues the same goal as his ancestors, this means to create a suitable setting so that every guest can spend unforgettable holidays at Garmisch-Partenkirchen; according to the motto “RHEINISCH -BAVARIAN - SYMPATHETHIC!”


The goal shall be achieved with a refurbished look and together with numerous competent partners in the leisure business, always keeping the ears open for the wishes of the guests and listening attentively to the pulse of time.


This way holidays are always full of pleasure and of great experiences and … sometimes there may even be totally surprising aspects!


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