Feeling nature


The impressing gorge “Partnachklamm”

Why is it called “Klamm”? The torrent has carved here a wild romantic bed into the rocks. You will walk through a “rock arcade” along the torrent. The vertical rock on both sides reach a height of up to 80 metres. It is really impressing! Once you have reached the upper end of the gorge, the choice is up to you.

You can continue 

(1) walking tranquilly to “Forsthaus Graseck” for a rest. From there the cable car brings you back down to the valley.


If you like a longer hike

(2) you can walk to the “Eckbauer” and enjoy the marvellous view there.
Using the cable car “Eckbauernbahn” you can go back to the valley.


If you are a proficient hiker we suggest

(3) to continue on the popular trail to the “Partnachalm”. There you can have a rest and enjoy the panoramic view before walking the way back.


The advantage: whatever route you choose you will in any case return to the parking area, having, however, various possibilities to shorten or to extend your hike, according to your mood and to your physical shape.






Breathtaking “Geisterklamm” (ghosts’ gorge)

This is our special tip. Starting from Mittenwald you walk on the trail which runs along the upper edge of the gorge “Leutschklamm”. Fear of heights is not yours, is it? For this trail runs over a small footbridge and two panorama bridges from where the hiker looks down from a dizzy height to the deep gorge and the roaring torrent, which is called the “Leutschacher Ache”.

A short walk through the woods leads you back to the starting point.
This alternative, being less difficult but as spectacular as the gorge “Partnachklamm”, is a worthwhile sight to undertake the short trip to Mittenwald.







The crystal clear lake “Eibsee”

The “Eibsee” is one of the lakes with the highest altitude in Germany. It is a place as you might always have imagined it: clear glittering water surrounded by woods, many small inlets and spits of land; all this combined with a fantastic view over the “Zugspitze” and the surrounding mountains. The water provides beneficial refreshment: it does never really “warm up” even in summer (the maximum temperature is about 20°C).

The walk around the lake, which takes roughly 2 hours, is an easy and pleasant exercise, given the rather flat trail. Do you like pedal boat trips? Well, on the lake you can do it. Afterwards you can have some rest in the lakeshore restaurant or in the café, savouring typical local delicacies while enjoying the view over the lake!



Monumental Mount “Zugspitze

In front of you rises the highest peak of Germany, from where the visitor enjoys incredible views. You may believe it or not: when the weather is fine, you can even see the metropolis of Munich. Besides, the entire panorama includes four countries. This unique mountain invites for more or less challenging leisure activities. If you are a proficient hiker, if you don’t suffer from vertigo and if you are equipped with solid footwear, you can climb onto the summit. Having reached the summit cross you are actually on the highest point of Germany. The “soft side” of the Mount “Zugspitze” looks different: you can hire a deck chair and enjoy tranquilly the great natural scenery.

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